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Ren Skincare Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti Fatigue Bath Oil (110ml)

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A luxurious and rich bath oil with replenishing Atlantic Kelp and Plankton Extracts, together with Microalgae Oil packed with Omega 6 and 9, to help leave your skin beautifully moisturised and supple.

Skin is conditioned and moisturised with a silky smooth feel. Your mind and body are relaxed.

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* As featured in Cosmopolitan and Glamour Magazine 2017*

Infused with REN's Anti-Fatigue Essential Oils blend to refresh and de-stress your body and mind.

Key Actives:

Atlantic Kelp Extract
Microalgae Oil
Plankton Extract
REN's Anti-Fatigue Essential Oils Blend

NB: This oil may solidify at low temperatures but will melt again at normal room temperature. This does not effect the quality of the product.

Add a small amount to a full warm bath. Lay back and relax. This oil will bloom and disperse in water and will not leave a greasy film or residue on you or the bath tub.