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Color Wow

Color Wow Dream Coat (200ml)

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Dream Coat is the first long-lasting, anti-humidity sealant that stops color treated hair from turning into a hot mess in even the highest humidity.

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* Winner of Cosmopoliatans Beauty Big 50 as the best Hair Smoother *

Color treated hair is porous, soaks in moisture and puffs out, gets fuzzy and frizzy.

Dream Coat is the first heat activated, anti humidity styling sealant that borrows advanced textile technology for a whole new feather light approach to humidity proofing and texture transformation.

- Works with blow-dryer heat to compress, tighten and seal hair strands.
- Creates supernatural sleek, sliky texture with blinding shine
- Will not build up, get heavy or greasy like a serum.

After shampooing and conditioning apply Dream Coat to damp, towel dried hair. Spray liberally & evenly on hair, section by section and then blow dry.

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Reviewed by , Berkshire

I have poker straight hair naturally, but despite this i found this product extremely beneficial. It left my hair feeling slinky and it kept the "blow-dried" look strong for days. It just makes your hair hang and sit really nicely.
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