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Jessica Nail Colours

Awaken your adventurous soul.

Summer, California Girl Collection is here.

Yellow Meringue 7.4ml Price £6.85
Valley Girl 7.4ml Price £6.85
Toasted Pecans 7.4ml Price £6.85
Popsicle Kisses 7.4ml Price £6.85
Ocean Waves 7.4ml Price £6.85
Malibu Barbie 7.4ml Price £6.85
Desert Sunset 7.4ml Price £6.85
Cool in the Pool 7.4ml Price £6.85
Yellow Meringue 14.8ml Price £11.00
Vivid Violet 14.8ml Price £11.00
Out of Stock
Valley Girl 14.8ml Price £11.00
Popsicle Kisses 14.8ml Price £11.00
Ocean Waves 14.8ml Price £11.00
Out of Stock
Malibu Barbie 14.8ml Price £11.00
Love You Very Matcha 14.8ml Price £11.00
Fluorescent Flamingo 14.8ml Price £11.00
Flower Crown 14.8ml Price £11.00
Earl Grey 14.8ml Price £11.00
Desert Sunset 14.8ml Price £11.00
Cool in the Pool 14.8ml Price £11.00
Blazing Blue 14.8ml Price £11.00
Out of Stock
In Stock
Introducing the new California Girl Collection. Fun and flirty shades that will bring out the Cali girl in you!

Creme finish nail colours with a gloss finish.

Custom nail colour available in 2 sizes;
- Midi, 7.4ml
- Full Size, 14.8ml

Apply your chosen prescriptive base coat. Paint with a generous amount of product on the brush and use as many long strokes as you need for perfect coverage. Finish each coat by brushing across the free edge (tip) of the nail to seal it. Follow with your chosen top coat.