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Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream (100ml)

Have you seen the latest Dermalogica Beauty Box? Over £100 of Dermalogica for just £49.99.

Too much hand washing? Dry hands? Try this...protects and soothes chapped and dry hands, flooding them with hydration.

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Have you seen the latest Dermalogica Beauty Box? Over £100 of Dermalogica for just £49.99.

A multi-award winning, seriously rich hand cream designed to leave even the driest hands smooth and soft to touch. A unique and uplifting blend of renowned ancient skin conditioners Benzoin and Yarrow Oils work together with smoothing, soothing Shea Butter and Kukui Seed Oil to turn back the clock on hard-working hands!

Free from parabens, dea, mineral oils, sulphates, pegs, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, microbeads, artificial fragrances and colours.

1. Suitable for use throughout the day
2. Rub a small amount into hands and nails and massage into the skin until absorbed

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Reviewed by , UK

Absolutely my favourite hand cream! I get very and I mean VERY dry skin on my hands. I do a lot in the garden and they get extremely rough, even calloused (eww no one wants that). I tried every rich textured hand cream I could find, then a friend bought me the super moisturising balance me hand cream (never heard of them at time) and the results were instant and nothing short of a miracle! I love the scent it’s calming and lovely to use at bedtime, it feels instantly silky and I look like a grass hopper as I can’t stop rubbing my hands together. Great on dry elbows, knees…um,one winter I even put some on my dry face! Lovely stuff and I hope Balance me never stop making this. I’ve ended up like that film ‘pay it forward’ and now buy this for other friends! Some don’t enjoy the scent as much as me, but all of them are astounded at how good this stuff is. It also lasts helluva long time as it’s so rich you only need a little, and when you think you’re done, you’re not!.. cut the top off and get the bit inside you can’t squeeze out, magic (oh yes, I do that, it’s that precious to me!!)
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