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Xen Tan

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Rich Self Tan (236ml)

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For a beautifully natural and intense shade of olive.

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For a beautifully natural and intense shade of olive.

The rich coconut and walnut oils of the dark lotion results in luxurious, moisturised feel and a tan that lasts up to 10 days.

Olive undertone that looks realistic and deep, even on the fairest of skins.

- Fresh cherry-almond fragrance.

- Doesn't gather at the ankles or elbows and fades evenly.

- Easy to use pump dispenser.

Suitable for face and body and eczema sufferers.

This product contains nut oils.

For a beautifully natural and intense shade of olive.
Simply apply a thin coat for a lighter tan, or apply a second layer for a deeper olive finish.

In 2-3 hours you will develop a healthy, natural-looking tan that can last 7 days.

You can tan before bed if you use darker colored sheets. Or wait 15 minutes after tanning to dress.

Xen-Tan self tanner washes out of most fabrics but we always suggest wearing dark colors.

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Reviewed by , Glasgow

I have used this tan for years now and nothing comes close. It’s the easiest to apply and never streaks!
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Reviewed by , Bristol

Amazing product, used a lot of fake tans and this is by far one of the best. Gives natural olive colour, no orange shades! Smells nice and lasts for a whole week with no unnatural fadeing!
Rating :

Reviewed by , Lancaster

I loved this product, easy to put on and the colour shows up quick. It is really deep brown and natural, not orange. Really good tan.
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