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Xen Tan

Xen Tan New Classic Dark Lotion (150ml)

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Our most popular formula now with our longer-lasting DHA, NaturaTan+, for that classic olive undertone tan so many of our customers have fallen in love with.

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XEN-TAN is a premium sunless self-tan company specializing in products that give a more natural color.

Utilizing the most innovative ingredients and advanced technology in the industry, XEN-TAN products nourish the skin, contain pleasant aromas and give a truly natural looking self-tan.

Our most popular formula now with our longer-lasting DHA, NaturaTan+, for that classic olive undertone tan so many of our customers have fallen in love with.

Dark instant color gives an immediate tan and washes off after three hours to reveal a dark resulting tan. Lotion consistency allows for more time to blend, making Classic Dark Lotion perfect for anyone from beginner to experienced.

For easiest use, apply product to clean, dry skin with hands or Deluxe Tanning Mitt.

In circular motions, apply to body starting with your legs and work your way up. Use sparingly on feet, knees, elbows and wrists.

Wash hands with soap and water to remove any product. Wait three hours to shower or swim. After three hours, your tan will be fully developed. Wear dark clothing while tanning.

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Reviewed by

I’ve used this for years the old and now new formula. I apply it once a week, perfect colour . Safe enough for face even though I have sensitive skin .
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Reviewed by

Good Points
Previous version of product was a lot more sticky. The colours good and is not orange in the slightest.

Differences to its predecessor
The product is lighter in consistency and you have a higher chance of streaks.
The colour is not quite the same, but it really isn’t bad. It does have a very strong DHA scent.

I put the tan on around 3pm yesterday and by 6pm I could really smell the ‘biscuit scent’. It also clings to dry patches that I didn’t know I had, overall my skin is not dry however the day after applying it looks it and I have dark patches (not many) on areas that must be dry? Make sure you complete ‘exfoliation’ 24 hours beforehand!

The crux of the matter is that you get a lot less product compared to before, you would in that case expect it to last longer but in order for that to happen you’d need to exfoliate well and prevent your skin from drying and shedding - you can’t rely on product alone. So 2nd day in... we will see.

The colour is fine, however it does sink into pores which didn’t happen before and you end up with dark dots where you’ve shaved - and even where you don’t! Do I like it? Hmmm not sure.

Due to the thinner consistency you will need more applications to get the same result but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for this time of year although with a smaller bottle your going to go through it.

I did contact Xen-Tan about the product last week, before I purchased but they never replied to me - not great!

From those experienced with the previous product, the reviews have been quite scathing. The fact is it isn’t as good.

I’ll continue to use it and keep my eyes open for a new self tanner - it’s worth trying as it’s certainly not half bad.


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Reviewed by , Manchester

My favourite tan is back!! Seriously in love with this tan! I've been using the Dark Lotion for years so I was amazed that the results were even better from this new Classic Dark Lotion. The tan lasts even longer. I put this on before Christmas and my tan is still going strong! If you love an olive glow that feels so luxe on the skin too, give this tan a go :-)
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