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Dermalogica Clear Start Clearing Defense SPF30 (59ml)

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Ultra-lightweight moisturiser that provides a long-lasting matte finish, and creates an invisible barrier between your skin and the elements, protecting it from environmental assault.

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Have you seen the latest Dermalogica Beauty Box? Over £100 of Dermalogica for just £49.99.

Clearing Defense SPF30 is a lightweight mattifying moisturiser that acts as a barrier between skin and the elements helping to protect against UV rays, free radical damage, oily shine and make-up, all without clogging pores!

It also works with the skin’s microbiome, delivers critical hydration, and reduces shine while maintaining a long-lasting matte finish.


To counter excess sebum production and create a matte finish, Clearing Defense SPF30 contains Dermalogica's patented TT Technology, a natural ingredient complex from pine oil and thyme which reduces sebum production by 70%.

In a clinical study Dermalogica found a 3rd less oil on the skin after 4 weeks of use!

In addition, natural tapioca starch adsorbs excess sebum on the surface of the skin.


Clearing Defense SPF30 helps protect breakout-prone skin in several important ways. Broad Spectrum SPF30 helps guard against harmful UVA and UVB rays and by leaving a lightweight invisible shield, the formula physically blocks 80% of particulate pollutants from the skin. A cocktail of antioxidants including Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamin C help neutralize free radicals, which are a consequence of UV light and pollution in the skin. In addition, Clearing Defense SPF30 has the ability to help stop oil-based make-up from penetrating the product film and clogging pores.


Dehydration can result in excess sebum production to compensate for lack of moisture in the skin. This can contribute to oily shine and breakouts. Dermalogica therefore have included Moisture Magnet technology in Clearing Defense SPF30. Moisture Magnets are a 100% natural plant derived ingredient that binds water to the skin locking in moisture like a magnet.

Apply a generous amount to cleansed face and neck, preferably 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

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This is honestly amazing. I started off with the WORST oily skin ever and after just a week I noticed a huge shine reduction and my skin looked a lot smoother. I highly recommend this as a teen.
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Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate and Octcrylene provides Broad Spectrum protection.

Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Vitamin C combat the irritating effect of pollution, even on breakout-prone skin.

Patented TT (Terpineol and Thymol) Technology works with skin’s natural microbiome and helps reduce sebum on the surface of skin.

Natural Tapicoa Starch, a powerful oil adsorber, mattifies skin and helps reduce oily shine.