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Gatineau Total Body Glow Collection (400ml x2)

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Get glowing skin this festive season.

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Get glowing skin this festive season.

Featuring Gatineau’s all-time best-selling Tan Accelerating Lotion, this duo is the perfect treat for winter sun seekers or those who want to add a little warmth to their complexion during the winter months.

Tan Accelerating Lotion boosts the production of Melanin (the skin’s colouring pigment) to help bring out your natural colour when you’re exposed to sun. The Golden Glow Gradual Tan, packed with Coconut Oil, Soy Oil and Vitamin E hydrates, softens and protects your skin whilst creating a natural sun-kissed glow on all skin tones.

Tan Accelerating Lotion 400ml
Golden Glow Gradual Tan 400ml

Start applying Tan Accelerator 8-10 days before sun exposure to the body and face, avoiding the eye area. Continue to use daily during and after sun exposure.
Apply one pump of Golden Glow per limb whenever you wish to create a natural tan using smooth circular motions and rub in thoroughly. Lightly cover dry areas such as hands and feet. Maintain your colour by applying every other day and using Tan Accelerator in-between. Wash hands after use. Wait for skin to be touch dry before dressing.
Colour develops over 3-4 hours.
Use daily for 3 days to achieve your desired glow.