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SISTERS Eco Applicator Tampons Very Light

Vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic. Ideal for days of very light to light flow.

16 Pack Price £3.80
32 Pack Price £7.40
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&SISTERS' Eco-Applicator Tampons are made from a single ingredient - 100% natural, certified-organic cotton which is sustainably sourced. Free of synthetics, harmful chemicals and perfumes, they're kinder to both body and planet.

Designed to adapt to your body, the clever Eco-Applicator Tampons are woven for maximum absorbency, boasting widthways expansion and an octagonal design to ensure the perfect fit.

Individually bio-wrapped, 100% biodegradable and compostable - no nasties. Recyclable paper wrap. 0% plastic.

Hypoallergenic – pH-neutral for sensitive skin.

VERY LIGHT absorbency - perfect for very light to light-flow days.

Available in packs of 16 and 32 tampons.

Endorsed by medical professionals, recommended by specialists and used by over 30 Olympic Sports Women, &SISTERS' products always provide the ultimate protection and reassuring comfort. 10% of &SISTERS' profits are donated to support women and tackle period poverty across the globe.

Please follow product instructions.
100% pure natural organic cotton core and thread. Biodegradable cardboard applicators.