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SISTERS Naked Tampons Medium (16 Pack)

100% Organic. 0% Plastic. Ideal for days of medium to heavy flow.

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Designed to adapt to the needs of your body, these premium, specially woven tampons feature widthways expansion and an octagonal design to ensure maximum absorbency and the perfect fit.

Vegan-friendly and toxin-free, &SISTERS' Naked Tampons® are made from just one ingredient – certified organic, natural cotton.

No synthetics, harmful chemicals, plastic or perfume. Recyclable paper wrapper.

Medium absorbency – perfect for days of medium to heavy flow.

&SISTERS products are endorsed by medical professionals and used by over 30 Olympic Sports Women. 10% of the brand’s profits are donated to help tackle period poverty across the globe.

Please follow product instructions.
100% pure natural organic cotton core and thread.