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SISTERS Eco Applicator Tampons Heavy

Vegan, biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals. Perfect for heavy-flow days.

14 Pack Price £3.80
28 Pack Price £7.40
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100% Organic. 0% Plastic. Periods are natural – shouldn’t your period care be too?

Made from a single ingredient – certified organic, natural cotton, &SISTERS’ Eco-Applicator Tampons are extra kind on skin and on the planet. Not only are these ingenious tampons compostable and biodegradable, but they’re also individually bio-wrapped, sustainably sourced and toxin-free too.

Cleverly designed to adapt to the needs of your body, &SISTERS’ tampons have been woven for maximum absorbency, allowing for widthways expansion. They also feature an octagonal design that ensures the perfect fit.

pH-neutral for sensitive skin.

HEAVY absorbency - ideal for heavy-flow days.

Available in a pack of 14 and 28 tampons.

Endorsed by medical professionals, recommended by specialists and used by over 30 Olympic Sports Women, &SISTERS' products provide excellent protection and reassuring comfort. 10% of &SISTERS' profits are donated to support women and tackle period poverty.

Remove the tampon from the paper wrapper. Check that the cotton string hangs down through the base of the plunger tube. Hold the applicator at the grooved rings with your thumb & middle finger. Place the rounded tip end of the applicator at the entrance of your vagina. Push the outer tube towards the small of your back until your finger & thumb touch your body. Continue to hold the outer tube firmly & use your index finger to push the inner tube completely into the outer tube. The tampon is now in place. Withdraw both tubes, leaving the string hanging outside your body. You now shouldn’t be able to feel the tampon. If you can, then it isn’t inserted far enough & needs to be pushed further into the vagina. Wash your hands & you’re done.
100% pure natural organic cotton core and thread. Biodegradable cardboard applicators.