Skin Doctors Exfoliating Crystals 100ml

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Skin Doctors Exfoliating Crystals 100ml uses micro-dermabrasion and Hydroxy Acid exfoliation to boost skin's health and radiance. It works to boost dull and dreary looking skin effectively resurfacing the outer layer.

The Intensive Mircro-Dermabraion Crystals work to break down the top layer of skin and gently exfoliate to smooth away any visible signs of ageing, pigmentation and scars. It promotes skin cell renewal and stimulates collagen to plump and refresh your complexion using Tea Tree Oil without scratching or damaging your skin.

Microencapsulated beads – Rather than aluminum oxide (Corundum), these microencapsulated beads will give you all of the benefits of a powerful exfoliation, without harsh scratching or damage to your skin. 

Melaleuca alternifolia (Australian Tea Tree) Oil – Obtained from the leaves and branchlets of the Australian tree Melaleuca alternifolia, Tea Tree has antibacterial properties and has been shown to assist in the treatment of skin infections, including acne blemishes.

*Please note, Skin Doctors are in the process of updating their packaging to a modern, new look. The packaging you receive may be different to the one shown on site.

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