Skin Doctors Skin Active 14 Regenerating Night Cream 50ml

Ideal for: Boosting skin's health and radiance.
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Skin Doctors Skin Active 14 Regenerating Night Cream is a deeply repairing night cream that has been devleoped with 5 cosmeceutical ingredients to treat, protect and prevent against 14 major skin problems. Over time, skin can age, dehydrate, and can look tired and dull, this moisturiser will boost your complexion by improving elasticity and firmness and reduce redness and sunspots.

Formulated with Octocrylene and Teprenone to fight against such skin problems such as wrinkles, brighten uneven skin tone, thicken skin, improve elasticity, smooth rough skin, and protect against sun damage.

Skinactive14™ Regenerating Night Cream helps reduce the appearance of ageing by: 1. Providing intense moisture for dry and dehydrated skin 2. Preventing formation of fine lines 3. Fighting deep wrinkles 4. Plumping sagging and fragile skin 5. Increasing skin firmness 6. Brightening uneven skintone 7. Increasing elasticity 8. Increasing skin smoothness 9. Intensely nourishing skin 10. Relieving stressed and tight skin 11. Increasing natural anti-ageing defences 12. Pro-actively repairing skin 13. Detoxifying to reduce impurities 14. Promoting skin renewal

*Please note, Skin Doctors are in the process of updating their packaging to a modern, new look. The packaging you receive may be different to the one shown on site.

  • Apply daily as part of your skincare regime


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