Solgar Liquid Vitamin E

Ideal for: aiding your daily intake of Vitamin E.

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Naturally sourced Liquid Vitamin E, comes in a liquid form to support the absorption of this fat-soluble nutrient. This supplement contains the recommended daily intake of vitamin E in just 5 drops per day. A perfect addition to your daily beauty routine, this supplement can either be ingested or added into your favourite face-cream. The skin faces a lot every day from dirt and pollution to air conditioning and the weather, our skin can even be effected by sleep and what we eat.

Liquid Vitamin E provides support skin cells, offering antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Free radicals can appear when food is turned into energy or when exposed to air pollution or the sun. The drops also offer key essential nutrients needed to support the immune system.

Bulking Agents: (safflower oil, vegetable oil), Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopherol), Antioxidant (mixed natural tocopherols, (D-beta, D-gamma, D-delta, D-alpha tocopherols)).

Take 0.5ml per day. Orally or added to a face-cream.


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