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Unusual Spa Treatments Around the World

As much as well all love the chance to unwind and relax with a luxurious spa treatment, there is a limit to what can be considered luxurious, and some spas are pushing these limits as far as they’ll go. These spa’s around the world have tested these limits, with some of the most bizarre treatments there are. From bathing yourself in a bath of Ramen Noodles at the Yunessun Spa Resort in Tokyo, to covering yourself in snakes at the Bali Heritage Reflexology Spa in Bali and calling it a massage…

We’ve put together a list of the most unusual spa treatments around the world and compiled them into this useful infographic, so if you ever happen to be in the area, and if you’re brave enough, you could try and give them a go.

Unusual Spa Treatments Around the World Infographic