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Xen Tan

dark self tan

For when you want the darkest natural-looking tan, these products ensure the deepest olive colour and a flawless result that lasts for days

New Deep Bronzing Lotion (150ml)

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Save 24%

RRP £28.99 £21.99

Classic Dark Lotion Set (Various)

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Save 55%

RETAIL £66.96 £29.99

New Classic Dark Lotion (150ml)

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Save 26%

RRP £28.99 £21.50

New Intense Tanning Lotion (150ml)

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Save 23%

RRP £34.99 £26.99

New Instant Bronzing Mist (150ml)

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Save 15%

RRP £26.99 £22.99

Ins Tan Taneous (236ml)

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Save 48%

RRP £26.99 £14.00

Scent Secure (236ml)

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Save 40%

RRP £24.99 £15.00