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Head-to-Toe healing from Australian Bodycare starts with Tea Tree Oil, this powerhouse product is used for many different healing benefits and is at the heart of all their products.

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About Australian Bodycare..

For over 25 years, Australian Bodycare have been a family favourite with their Tea Tree Oil formulas to treat your skin conditions and leave your skin hydrated, healthy and happy. Tea Tree Oil has many healing benefits to your skin including antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, Antifungal, Antiviral and many more. Using the highest grade of Tea Tree Oil for maximum results. Whilst the distinctive scent of Tea Tree Oil disappears quickly, the antiseptic effect continues to protect skin.

Australian Bodycare was originally introduced to professional salons and spa to use after and during their treatments. Knowledge about the incredible properties of tea tree oil has been passed down in Aboriginal culture – and it was this knowledge that helped build the brand’s extraordinary lotions, oils and cleansers.

Tea Tree oil is an essential oil that’s extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, a tree native to the Lismore region of New South Wales. Pale yellow in colour and boasting a fresh, distinctive camphoraceous fragrance, tea tree essential oil is one of a kind.

Products to try:

Australian Bodycare Body Scrub: Formulated with crushed Sandalwood Nut Shell and natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, this exfoliating body scrub will leave skin feeling soft, clean and rejuvenated.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Hair Loss Wash: Promote thicker, fuller hair with this invigorating hair wash, perfect for thin hair types. 100% vegan formula.

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