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Kérastase - About the Brand

For over 50 years Kérastase have led the way in advanced hair science, elevating hair care to the status normally reserved for high-end luxury skin care.

The key values of Kérastase remain the same today: performance, expertise and personalisation.

Their innovative formulas have truly transformed the way we treat our hair. Initially a salon only brand offering professional diagnoses for all hair concerns, Kérastase transformed into a luxurious range of products with unique fragrances and sensual textures that clients could enjoy at home. A bespoke Kérastase hair-care ritual, tailored to individual hair needs to recreate that personal salon experience.

Kérastase continue to harness the finest ingredients and engineer the most effective formulas and therefore, remain the first choice for many salons and stylists across the globe.

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About Kérastase...

Kérastase has been at the forefront of innovation and luxury in the hair care industry for decades. With a rich heritage spanning almost 60 years, Kérastase has been the leader when it comes to exceptional hair products and treatments that cater to all hair types and concerns. Renowned for its commitment to research, cutting-edge technology, and personalised solutions, Kérastase offers customers a salon experience at-home with luxurious textures, sensual fragrances, and transformative results.

Kérastase was founded in 1964 by François Dalle, who envisioned a brand that would revolutionise the hair care industry. Drawing inspiration from scientific research and the expertise of professional hairstylists, Kérastase offered products that addressed specific hair concerns with targeted precision. Over the years, the brand collaborated with leading hairdressers, trichologists, and scientists to refine its formulas, resulting in a range of exceptional products that deliver remarkable results.

Kérastase's unwavering commitment to research and innovation sets it apart from other hair brands. The brand's laboratories employ a multidisciplinary approach, combining scientific expertise with a deep understanding of hair biology. Through meticulous research, Kérastase develops ground-breaking ingredients and technologies that address various hair issues, including damage repair, hair loss, and scalp health.

Recognising that everyone’s hair is unique, Kérastase has pioneered the concept of personalised hair care. By analysing the specific needs of customers through in-depth consultations and personalised hair diagnoses, the brand tailors its products and hair treatments to address individual concerns effectively.

Kérastase offers a diverse range of product collections designed for various hair types and concerns, including dryness, frizz, thinning hair, and colour-treated hair. Each collection comprises shampoos, conditioners, masques, and styling products that work synergistically to provide comprehensive care.

Their collections offer care and treatment for all hair types:

Nutritive – Dry Hair
Resistance – Damaged, Weak Hair
Densifique - Thinning Hair
Chroma Absolu – Colour-treated Hair
Blond Absolu – Blonde and Bleached Hair
Elixir Ultime - Enhance Lustre
Genesis and Genesis Homme – For Hair Fall and Breakage
Curl Manifesto – Curly and Wavy Hair
Discipline - Frizzy, Unruly Hair
Symbiose – For Dandruff
Specifique – For Scalp Health and Hair Thinning
Chronologiste - All Hair Types

The luxury hair care brand takes influence from skincare routines and ingredients to incorporate them into their formulas. This “skinification” of haircare products tackles hair concerns from root to tip, so our hair is left healthy, stronger and more resilient from the inside out.

In addition to its at-home products, Kérastase has an extensive range of in-salon treatments that offer intensive care and rejuvenation. These professional treatments, performed by expert hairstylists, utilise concentrated formulas and specialized techniques to deliver exceptional results. From the indulgent Fusio-Dose treatment to the transformative Discipline protocol, Kérastase ensures that customers experience the pinnacle of luxury and efficacy during their salon visits.

As environmental concerns continue to grow, Kérastase is dedicated to minimising its ecological footprint. The brand actively seeks sustainable solutions by utilising eco-friendly initiatives through packaging materials and optimising its manufacturing processes to reduce waste. Kérastase also supports fair trade practices and prioritises ethical sourcing of ingredients.

Kérastase acknowledges its responsibility towards the planet and future generations. The brand is committed to minimising its environmental impact by incorporating sustainable practices throughout its operations. From responsibly sourcing ingredients to reducing packaging waste, Kérastase strives to create a more sustainable future. Moreover, the brand promotes fair trade practices, ensuring the welfare of its employees and supporting local communities.

Continuously striving to improve their sustainability, Kérastase have launched Refill editions of their best-selling Bain shampoos. These Refill packs save up to 82% of plastic and can be recycled with other soft plastics.

Moreover, the brand actively engages in various philanthropic initiatives to give back to society. Kérastase collaborates with organisations focused on empowering women and promoting access to education. By aligning itself with these causes, the brand showcases its commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of hair care. Kérastase remains committed to empowering individuals worldwide, one strand at a time, and solidifying its position as the epitome of exceptional hair care.

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Which is best Kérastase range for dry hair?

Kérastase Nutritive range is specifically designed for dry to very dry hair. Enriched with niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, that helps to retain moisture for a plumped, healthy result. Build a full haircare routine with their scalp treatment, shampoo, conditioner, masque treatment, heat protector and split end serum for your healthiest hair yet!

What is the best heat protector to use?

Whatever your hair type, Kérastase have a range of heat protectors to not only reduce and prevent heat damage from hair styling tools but to also treat your main haircare concern. From adding hydration, strengthening damaged hair, reducing frizz, to protecting hair colour, Kérastase Thermiques are your go-to for a salon-fresh blow-dry at home!

Top tip! Our hair is more fragile and prone to snapping when it’s wet. Always use a wide-toothed comb after you wash hair to gently detangle and brush through.

How do I keep my hair healthy in between salon visits?

A great way to keep hair feeling and looking healthy in between salon appointments is to introduce a weekly hair masque. Every Kérastase range has a treatment masque to restore nourishment to hair and leave it looking and feeling healthy from root to tip. Leave on for 10-20 minutes for the ultimate hair treat!

What are the benefits of double shampooing hair?

Double shampooing your hair isn’t recommended if you wash your hair everyday. However, it you wash your hair every 2-3 days, double shampooing will give your hair a deeper cleanse – the first shampoo will remove excess oil, dirt and product build-up, whilst the second shampoo cleanses and locks in the nourishment and benefits your shampoo is designed to do.

Which Kérastase shampoo is best for menopause?

The Kérastase Densifique Shampoo is ideal for menopausal and mature hair types. Infused with hyaluronic acid which works to plump the hair fibre for a fuller and thicker appearance, hair will be left bouncy, lustrous, and healthy.