About the Brand

Skincare starts with FOREO. A revolution in your skincare routine, FOREO devices and formulas cover all aspects of facial cleansing and oral health cleansing.
Born in 2013 at their headquarters Stockholm, Sweden, FOREO offers effortless everyday facial cleansing with their innovative devices and formulas which enhance your cleansing routine and promote healthy skin.
With over 3,000 employees over dozens of international cities and selling over 36 million FOREO products in more than 75 countries, FOREO is committed to giving your great skincare formulas and accessories that work, and strive to continue offering you the best of the best.

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Featured Products

About FOREO...

FOREO’s very first product, LUNA, took the beauty industry by storm in 2013. With its unique design and unreal results, it was only just the start for FOREO. These little hand held devices not only thoroughly cleanse your skin but they boost circulation, collagen production and help to reduce puffiness, and signs of ageing.

Following on from FOREO, ISSA took the spotlight, an innovative super soft 4-in-1 silicone electric toothbrush for smart oral care everyday. If you’re looking to reduce tired eyes including eye bags, puffy eyes and lines, IRIS is your ultimate companion, this cooling and soothing device is a game changer for your skincare and self-care ritual.

Bringing the spa to your bathroom, FOREO face masks are the perfect pairing with your FOREO, easy to use by just clicking on your facial device for instant nourishment and rejuvenation, your skin will thank you for it!

Products to try:

LUNA Mini - The ever popular LUNA mini, deeply cleansing with innovative T-Sonic technology with the 3-zone face brush for ultimate glowing and healthy skin!

Farm to Face Masks Tea - Pair with you UFO device to purify and soothe stressed out combination skin, bursting with antioxidants which offer protection against damaging skin cells.

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