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Liv Lindley was born out of a want to provide a little bit of self care for people in between their busy schedules.

The many advantages of silk are not widely known, so Liv Lindley’s Silkology concept explains all the benefits of switching to silk products: healthy hair, comfort, sleep quality, hydration, hypoallergenic, skin kind, planet kind, anti - crease, and pure luxury.

Liv Lindley aims to reduce consumption by creating a slow-fashion model with accessories that will last for a lifetime.

Liv Lindley products make your everyday routine a luxurious experience. Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, your everyday self-care is taken to a new level of comfort and luxury:

  • Silk Pillowcases provide cooling comfort and are kind to skin and hair, for a deeply restful sleep
  • Silk Eye Masks block out unwanted light and are kind to skin with breathable, hypoallergenic silk
  • Silk Scrunchies help prevent split ends, frizz and hair thinning, and amino acids found in silk help retain hair’s natural moisture
  • Silk Beauty Bands keep hair away from the face while applying makeup, perfect for special occasions

Beauty Flash UK has all the Liv Lindley products to make your everyday self-care routine luxurious.