Redken - About the Brand

Redken is a pioneering brand established in 1960s New York.

Founded by entrepreneurial American actress, Paula Kent who experienced profound sensitivity to many hair care products during her career, she sought to create a range of high-performing products that didn’t cause any irritation whatsoever.

Redken quickly became one of the first hair care brands to combine beauty with advanced scientific technology. Working alongside leading chemists and material scientists, Redken specially formulated a variety of products to target specific needs for each individual hair type, not forgetting to also care for the scalp. These products were revolutionary at the time as instead of camouflaging damaged, broken hair, there was suddenly a way to repair the hair from the inside out using a concept called protein reconditioning.

Nowadays, Redken’s patented protein-based products are now some of the most advanced in the world, valued by professionals and individuals alike.

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