About the Brand

Hydration is key for our health. That’s it, we know two thirds of our body is made up of water and we know that we need to keep hydrated for a well functioning body, mind and exceptionally glowing skin!
Born in 2011 by bkr founders Tal Winter and Kate Culter, best friends who were well-aware of the implications that single-use plastic can have on us and our planet but plastic and metal reusable items just didn’t cut it.

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About BKR...

bkr are so much more than a pretty water bottle, each design is inspired by different ways of life, this cult favourite is both a symbol of style and the start of your journey to a clear complexion.
Made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials and 100% recyclable; bkr not only offers a clear complexion, but a clear conscience too, with the company stating:
“We invest in a portion of the proceeds in initiatives that combat the global water crisis, help in the fight against cancer and that create the change we would like to see in the world.”

In 2018, bkr released their ultra-hydrating, vegan lip balm. With an innovative design, this nourishing and glossy balm connects to your bkr so lips are always soft and hydrated on-the-go.

Our BKR favourites

BKR Water Balm - Elle, with a tint of coral this French rose scented lip balm keeps your lips hydrated on-the-go. Innovative design let's you attach this lip balm to the top of your BKR.

BKR Water Bottle Teddy Spiked - this must-have water bottle keeps you hydrated in style whether you're in the office, in the gym or at home.

Put simply, bkr is better for your body and the earth. The soda-lime glass bottle is complete with a silicone sleeve and gasket, with even the cap made of food-grade recyclable polypropylene.

Not everyone is aware of BPA and how it can impact your body, this chemical that is found in plastic water bottles has been linked to early onset puberty and diabetes, also increased in risk of cancer.
While many plastic products contain BPA replacements, there’s nothing to say we won’t find out in 10 years’ time that these aren’t safe either. Investing in a bkr bottle means you’re guaranteed there’s no BPA or BPA replacements in your bottle, so you can sip easy.

Everything tastes better out of glass.

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