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Natural skincare and wellness brand, Elemental Herbology, offer innovative skincare, well-being and lifestyle formulas to treat all areas of concern with long lasting results.
Using the highest quality ingredients with natural botanicals from premium grade herbs, flowers, minerals and patented actives, these responsibly harvested products will transform your skincare routine for a busy lifestyle.

Founded in 2008, luxury skincare brand Elemental Herbology is based on the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.
These five elements are influenced by how we feel, our lifestyle, our diet, the seasons and our stress levels. Elemental Herbology formulas target your skin concerns for a busy life.

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Your dominant elements can change throughout the year, just as the season, your diet and lifestyle constantly changing can disrupt your energy and balance which affects your skin.

The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

The Wood Element - Normal to combination and uneven skin texture. Wood energy is most active in the morning, the balance skincare range helps these skin types to regulate oil levels and maintain moisture levels.
Elemental Herbology Rejuvenate Bath and Body Oil is great to recharge your body and mind for those with Wood energy.

The Fire Element - Congestion to oily skin, breakouts. Fire energy is most active at midday, energetic and ambitious. The purity range helps these skin types to calm the skin, providing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits with tea tree, green tea and pumpkin.
Elemental Herbology Zest Bath and Body Oil will provide a mood boost for those with Fire energy.

The Earth Element - Dull skin, pigmentation, redness. Earth energy is most active in the afternoon, the vitality range helps to protect skin from environmental damage and even out skin tone.
Elemental Herbology Harmony Bath and Body Oil helps to calm the mind and restore balance for those with Earth energy.

The Metal Element - Mature skin, fine lines, dark circles. Metal energy is most active in the evening, the Longevity range helps to to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst boosting elasticity.
Elemental Herbology Detox Bath and Body Oil helps to sluggishness and clarify the mind for those with Metal energy.

The Water Element - Dry, dehydrated, sensitive. Water energy is most active at night, the hydration range helps to soothe, moisturise and calm the skin with hyaluronic acid, rose damask and chamomile.
Elemental Herbology Soothe Bath and Body Oil is great to destress and unwind after a long day. Perfect for those with Water energy for a restful night’s sleep.

Committed to their ethical responsibilities, Elemental Herbology source all of their ingredients locally if possible or from reputable suppliers, who can trace the provenance of their ingredients and demonstrate good practice throughout their supply chains. They actively avoid using palm oil in their products.

With reducing waste in mind, all of Elemental Herbology cartons have been printed on FSC/PEFC accredited or Carbon Balanced paper (WorldLandTrust initiative), over 90% of their plastic and paper packaging in recyclable and 100% of orders are sent in plastic free packaging.

Elemental Herbology Nutrition Infusion Sheet Masks are made from wood pulp, and their Multi-Acid Skin Resurfacing Pads are 100% biodegradable. All Elemental Herbology products are completely free from artificial colours, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), parabens and mineral oils.

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