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Introducing Blinc...

Discover the genius of tubing technology mascara

If you’re a makeup-wearer, whether you’re a novice or a pro, you know the pain of your mascara running.

Finding a mascara that works for you - one that doesn’t smudge, flake or run can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. So say hello to Blinc, and the Original Tubing Mascara!

The founders of Blinc, Suma and Lewis Farsedakis thought; “We put a man on the moon—there's no way we don’t have the technology for a mascara that stays put.”

This began their process of creating a mascara that wasn’t oil-based,one that would withstand everyday life.

Instead of caking your lashes with unpredictable, not long-wearing oil-based makeup, tubing mascara encases each lash in an oil-free tube. This resisted both water and oil, letting wearers rub their eyes, cry, sweat, add eye drops, and wear contacts without worrying about their mascara running, smudging or flaking off.

Blinc have since branched out into other longwear cosmetics, including eyebrow mousses, lash serums, eyeliners and more!

Discover your new go-to mascara, as well as other beauty essentials with Blinc. Shop Blinc at Gorgeous Shop.