About the Brand

Inspired by nature, Biolage are committed to offering professional products that are good for your hair, your salon – and our planet.

The brand’s mission is to elevate the industry through powerful innovations, using high-performing, clean and sustainable formulas as well as packaging.

Biolage aim to create memorable hair-care experiences, striving to truly transform your hair and help it achieve its healthiest state. That’s why they choose their ingredients carefully, including powerful botanicals and luxurious plant-based oils.

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About Biolage...

Launched in 1990, founder Arnie Miller was inspired by the powers of natural ingredients, such as botanicals to protect and nourish your hair and bring out hair’s natural beauty. Biolage is known for it’s iconic white packaging and signature fragrance.

Recognised worldwide as a leasing professional hair-care brand, Biolage is used by hairdressers and customers for touchable, healthy hair full of movement. Biolage is committed to consistently improving its formulas and sustainability standards.

Conscious Ingredient Choices

Biolage choose their natural ingredients in a conscious manner, ensuring their performance rivals that of synthetic alternatives on the market. The brand is committed to carefully evaluate every formula, ensuring all ingredients meet the most recent environmental standards. Traceability as well as transparency are key when it comes to Biolage’s ingredients – understanding why and how they’re picked is a priority for the brand.

‘Together We Can Make Beauty Sustainable’

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