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Solgar Dry Vitamin A 5000 IU 1502mcg (100 Tablets)

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Daily dose of this supplement provides 5000 IU of Vitamin A, which equals to 100% of the Nutrient Reference Value.

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Have you seen the latest Dermalogica Beauty Box? Over £100 of Dermalogica for just £49.99.

Many of our bodies’ systems depend on having sufficient levels of vitamin A. This key vitamin supports epithelial skin cells and the production of keratin, coming into play in wound healing and skin regrowth. Furthermore, vitamin A boasts eye-health benefits as the retina needs it for night and day-time vision. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause poor vision.

Vitamin A is fat soluble and can be found in the form of retinol and beta carotene. Retinol can be found animal-source foods and can be directly used by the body. Beta carotene, on the other hand, can be derived from colourful fruits and vegetables and needs to be converted by the body into retinol before it can be used.

Presented in the form of retinyl palmitate, Solgar’s Dry Vitamin A 5000 IU is less irritating than retinol and therefore gentle on the intestines. A tablet a day of this premium food supplement will contribute to healthy skin and eyes, and will support the normal function of the immune system.

Key Facts & Benefits
- Supports the function of the immune system
- Contributes to healthy skin
- Supports eye health
- Dry form ideal for Vegan and Vegetarian
- Kosher certified

One tablet a day will contribute to:
- Normal iron metabolism
- Maintenance of normal mucous membranes
- Maintenance of normal skin
- Maintenance of normal vision
- Normal function of the immune system
- Process of cell specialisation

Take 1-2/day.
Bulking Agents: (dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, sucrose, gum arabic, corn starch), Vitamin C (as L-Ascorbic acid), Anti-caking Agents: (vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), Cellulose Gum, Vitamin A (5000 IU, as retinyl palmitate).