L'ANZA Healing Colour Preserving Shampoo 300ml

Ideal for: Prolonging hair colour. Perfect colour protection for your hair.
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L'ANZA Healing Color-Preserving Shampoo helps you love your hair colour that little bit longer. This L'ANZA Healing Color-Preserving Shampoo will ensure up to 107% longer lasting hair colour. The extremely mild, sulphate free cleanser gently lifts dirt, oil and product build-up without disturbing the cuticles or stripping the hairs natural defence resulting in soft, shiny hair with no colour fade. The unique flower shield complex, a combination of flower extracts with anti fade properties, provides full spectrum colour protection for your hair.

Free of Sulfates, Parabens, and Sodium Chloride.

*Please note, L'ANZA are currently updating their product packaging to give it a fresh, new look. Packaging of this product is subject to variation from the visual shown.

  • Wet hair completely
  • Apply a small amount of L'ANZA Healing Color-Preserving Shampoo to your wet hair
  • Massage into your hair and scalp
  • Rinse thoroughly


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