Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner

Ideal for: Pushing back cuticles for a clean, fresh manicure.

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This Nail Pushy has a thin hand-buffed edge ensuring the accurate pushing back of your cuticles whilst the nail cleaning end can be used to clean under and around the nail without scratching it.

The textured body ensures you maintain maximum grip and control at all times when using for either your finger or toe-nails.

Firstly rub an ample amount of moisturiser or cuticle oil into your clean nails and hands to gently soften the skin and cuticles.

Next soak your hands in a bowl of warm water for around 10 minutes, you can also add your favourite essential oil to the water.

Using the Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner gently clean under and around the nail using the fine end.

Then use the "Pushy" end to delicately push back the cuticles on each hand.

If you notice excess dead cuticle build-up, you can trim extra-carefully with the Tweezerman Precision Nippers.

Wipe any excess oil off nails with a cotton pad soaked in a small amount of nail polish remover.


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